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COVID-19 Studio Rental Safety Memo



This periodically updated document outlines the studio’s latest COVID-19 protocols in compliance with NYC industry regulations and guidelines. This is not a substitute for your own safety plan or research. Updated: 10/27/2021.



It is the responsibility of the renter and their attendees to comply with this memo and NYC regulations while on the premises. Those who fall short of these protocols may be asked to make adjustments. Renters and attendees assume all risks and potential consequences. The studio assumes no liability.

Please let a studio employee know if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or comments.



Renter must ensure all attendees (excluding brief vendor deliveries with proper PPE) provide proof they have received at least one dose of authorized COVID-19 vaccine. Alternatively, a negative test result from a test administered within 3 days before entry may be accepted. For more info: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t8XJXEUvcIJV-RHjLWiv5KIPWmC3FGzw

Individuals who are sick must stay home (or return home if they become sick). If an individual tests positive for COVID-19 within 10 days of visiting the studio, they are required to notify the studio as soon as possible, so that local health authorities and all individuals who may have had close contact during the affected time period may be notified if necessary.

The studio may enforce a reduced maximum occupancy, including total quantity of crew, cast, client, PAs, vendors on site at any one time, etc, and specific accommodations must be agreed to in advance. 



Everyone entering the studio must bring a suitable face covering, wearing it properly at all times, covering the chin, mouth and nose. The studio will not provide renters with PPE. Talent may remove face covering while on camera (maintaining 6 feet social distancing from crew), and during hair & makeup. 

All individuals must wash their hands often, with soap & warm water for 20 seconds. If hands are not visibly soiled, sanitizer may be used. The studio provides sanitizer and soap and water.

Renters must ensure 6 feet of distance between individuals at all times, unless safety requires a shorter distance. Individuals must socially distance during meal breaks. Walk-away meals at nearby restaurants with outdoor seating are recommended. 

Craft services and meals that the renter brings to the studio must be individually packaged portions. No self-service bowls of unpackaged items and no open buffet-style meals allowed. Individuals may not store food/drinks brought from home in the studio refrigerators.

Renters may be asked to institute shift staggering to limit bottlenecks at entrances and exits, particularly around meal times, and at the beginning and ends of shifts.

Renters must disinfect all equipment and materials they bring to the studio. For multi-day shoots, renters must disinfect their equipment/tools at least daily.

Renters must minimize the sharing of objects and limit touching of shared surfaces. When contact with shared objects or surfaces is necessary, individuals must wear gloves or sanitize hands before and after contact. Renters should bring enough equipment and office supplies to minimize sharing between departments to reduce cross contamination risk.

Any discarded materials, documents, cleaning materials, gloves, masks, or other disposable PPE, must be disposed of in the appropriate trash or recycling receptacles at the end of each day.